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LAME Libraries

These are libraries (DLLs) for several programs that use LAME: CD rippers, frontends, audio editors, etc.

libmp3lame 3.100


The standard libmp3lame.dll providing the standardised API. Includes the exports and the library to compile against. Intel compiles.

lame_enc.dll (3.99.5) modified to use INI File Setup:


This dll uses an '.ini' file to set up the encoder. This is designed for use with applications that use the dll but do not provide full preset support. This version provides support for VBR, ABR and CBR presets and an expanded set of options compared to the previous version. Dual Channel and Stereo modes added to this new compile. See the included ini file for usage. ICL12.1 compile.

nLAME.dll for use with winLAME


Uses LAME 3.98, compiled with ICL 10.1

nLAME.dll for use with winLAME


Uses LAME 3.97, compiled with ICL 9.1

CoolLAME Filter


Filter for Cool Edit and Adobe Audition that uses lame_enc.dll for MP3 encoding

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