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Last update: 2024-07-11

Providing really hard to
find pieces of software
since 2003-12-03



Video encoders? In MY ReallyRareWares?

The main exhibit in this update is the Ulead MPEG Converter, a quite nice MP1/2 encoder for Win3.1 (actually, the only one to my knowledge so far. There is almost certainly a Xing MP2 encoder for this platform, but I never found it. Hit me up if you have cool stuff from Xing!). It is also an MPEG video encoder, but that doesn't really matter here at RRW.

And I also added a few other goodies to the collection:

  • Psytel Research's swan song, the MPEG-4 Authoring Tool
  • Old Voxware ACM and DirectShow codecs
  • Wavpack 4.31 for DOS, plus sources
  • Qualcomm PureVoice 2.4 - the last version for Windows


LA, ATRAC & more

Today I bring you more abandoned and obsolete tools to please your senses

It has been more than two decades since the Lossless Audio codec last saw an update. It can be safely considered abandoned at this point, hence, I crated a page to preserve it.

Then, updates to the SonicStage (ATRAC) page! The in_atrac3 Winamp plugin (courtesy of Zachary Jelesoff), a SoundForge 8/9 ATRAC3 plugin (later versions have the plugin built-in), and codecs from the PlayStation SDKs. I also updated the page text mentioning Sony's apparent abandonment of the format.

Also, I added:

  • Foobar2000 v0.666, a "cursed" version contributed by Jason Antony
  • The official MIO encoder. LHA-compressed and sporting a Japanese interface. This one will be really popular here.
  • The Xing and FhG VBR header SDKs to the Xing page because... might come in handy to someone, I guess?


Abandonware updates

A new year arrives, so I come back here with some updates that have been abandoned by their own authors (in most cases here: FhG)

It has been more than 25 years since Fraunhofer released MP3enc (do you feel old yet?). As they probably do not care anymore, I added full licensed versions of it (v 3.0 and 3.1) to the MP3enc page, courtesy of the great F.O.S.I. guys.

I also created a page for FhG MP3 producer - the source of all those pirated FhG ACM codecs that were floating around in the late 90s which helped MP3 explode in popularity. Again, 25+ years old programs that I suppose FhG already forgot.

I uploaded to the CoolEdit filters page the two FhG MP3 encoder filters because... why not?

Since I was already neck-deep in Fraunhofer stuff, I added another ACM codec version to the respective page: v3.3

And as we're talking about ACM codecs: I added a new page featuring QDesign's i-Media and ACM MP2 encoders.


The 20 years celebration!!

SO you thought ReallyRareWares was dead? Not at all! I'm here again to provide you one of our traditional holidays updates and, a little bit late, celebrate 20 years providing really hard to find pieces of software!

The main attraction of this update is the super obscure NTT DualSpeech voice codec (thanks to William Hobbs).

Besides, I updated the Fobar2000 page with a few older versions and each version's release dates, both thanks to Benjamin Pahlke. Also, all new releases from version 1.5 up to 2.0.
Additionally, I moved all Foobar2000 v0 versions to another page because the main one was becoming too unwieldy.

See you all in 2024. Or whenever I collect enough goodies to justify another update...


The holidays update

To close this year, a nice little update to wrap up 2020 and hope for a better 2021: the Liquid Audio encoders and players, what we had to put up with to enjoy a little AAC in the late nineties.

Big thanks to Max Telkov for contributing these! See you all in 2021.


Another bunch of goodies

An update with several goodies provided by Martin Wagner and other lovely visitors of ReallyRareWares!

  • Electronic Cosmo MP3 encoder (thanks to Stefan)
  • EAQUAL objective audio quality measurement tool (thanks to Martin Wagner)
  • WinMusic audio player for Win3.1
  • Several Gogo versions (thanks to Martin Wagner)
  • Tag and Wapet taggers (thanks to includemeout)
  • Psytel AACenc Public Evaluation Versions (thanks to Martin Wagner)
Also, I added information about each lossless compressor's performance, with plans to soon add several formats missing from the list. My so-called "limited tests" consist of compressing Bob Dylan's album The Times They Are A-Changin' and comparing how each compressor performs.


Another quarantine update

It seems the quarantines here in Brazil will never end (5th month already), so here are a few updates to try and keep spirits high:

  • Sony SonicStage
  • ACM Station ACM codec frontend
  • EncSpot 0.9 (thanks to includemeout)
  • A handful of very early Apollo versions
  • Nullsoft DOSamp 0.7 + DOSamp Extender
  • CoolEdit 1.30A


Just another update

An update with an assortment of new goodies, most of them contributed by the lovely RRW visitors:

  • Shorten lossless compressor and mkwACT (thanks to Marco Pontello)
  • MP3 Jukebox - a featureful player for Win 3.1 (thanks to Arthurro Ludvicco)
  • MixMP3 line-in recorder (thanks to Zachary Jelesoff)
  • Real Jukebox Plus (thanks (?) to Richard Birch)
  • More versions of Nero AAC Encoder (thanks to Martin Wagner)
  • YAMP 3.2 (thanks to Daniel Kozar)
  • Other versions of Blade for Mac OS Classic

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