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AAC decoders

Advanced Audio Coding decoders based on FAAD2

FAAD2v20100614 CVS snapshot for Win32


FAAD2 is an AAC/MP4 command line audio decoder for Win32. It supports several profiles (LC, LTP, Main, LD, HE, HEv2...), and can playback AAC/MP4 streams.

libFAAD2 dll for Win32


A DLL based on FAAD2v2.7. Can be used with some frontends.

libFAAD2 dll for Winx64


A DLL based on FAAD2v2.7. Can be used with some frontends. x64 compile provided by Ekkehard Domning using VC 2013 Express compiler.

FAAD 2 for MacOS X


FAAD2 compiled for MacOS X PowerPC

AAC/MP4 Input Plugin for XMPlay


AAC/MP4 input plugin for XMPlay, by MaresWEB. Based on FAAD2.

MP4 input plugin for QCD Player


MP4/AAC input plugin for the Quintessential Player, based on FAAD2 (supports the same profiles).

The CoreAAC directshow filter


Multichannel AAC decoder filter for directshow based on FAAD2 - by CoreCodec - v 1.0b9

BetaPlayer AAC plugin


AAC input plugin based on FAAD2 forBetaPlayer/The Core Pocket Media Player tested to work on version 0.66

AAC parser filter for DirectShow


Parser for decoding unwrapped AAC streams in DirectShow compatible players (Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, RadLight, ZoomPlayer...) - requires an AAC decoder filter (CoreAAC or 3ivX's) - by Tom Judd - v 1.1.0

aacDECdrop - FAAD2-based AAC/MP4 drag'n'drop frontend


Drag-and-drop app for AAC decoding and playback, based on FAAD2. ICL7 compile. By John33.

Dream DRM decoder


Dream is a decoder for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) broadcast (that must be captured with an appropriate modified analog short-wave (MW, LW) receiver first). This is version 1.6.1cvs, that fully supports DRM streams.

You'll probably need qt-mt230nc.dll. Get it here and put it at the same folder as Dream.

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