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LAME DirectShow and ACM Codecs

The files here hook into into Windows multimedia frameworks to provide LAME encoding from several applications.

ACM is the ancient Windows "Audio Codec Manager", and most applications that can save audio files to WAV do so through ACM, making LAME encoding through it pretty much universal. The catch is that saved files have WAV headers that make the MP3 file unrecognizable to several players and decoders. A solution is using Marco Pontello's RiffStrip to delete the headers.

DirectShow is a much more advanced multimedia framework that allows several filters to be chained. In that fashion, one can easily create a chain that will read a wave file, pass its data through several sound processores, and at the other end write to disk directly to MP3.

LAME 3.99.5 ACM codec


Compiled with VC9/ICL 12.1 Right click the inf file in Windows Explorer -> Install to install the ACM codec. Includes instructions on installing on x64 systems.

LAME 3.99.5 DirectShow Filter


VC9 compile. Includes batch files for Registering/Unregistering the filter modified to register correctly on x64 as well. You should read the text files before installing and using. (Working!)

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