Split2000 lossless compressor

Split2000 is an obscure lossless compressor for Linux. It seems it was never ported to other operating systems. Actually, neither the sources not the precompiled binary available here seem to work, at least on recent Linux versions. So, unless someone takes the time to modernize it, this codec can be considered completely dead.

The encoder web page is gone, so I'm mirroring it here.

Date: 1998
Version: 1.0.0
Interface: Graphical or command line
Platform: Linux
Download: split2000.tar.gz - 113kB
Source code: split2000-1.0.0.tar.gz - 110kB
Lots of thanks to Marco Pontello for submitting this codec.

Mr. Volodymyr Poltavets managed to adapt Split2000 to compile on recent linux versions. He was kind enough to provide diff files and precompiled binaries that were compiled on Debian/unstable.
Very big thanks!
Download: split2000mod.tar.gz - 167kB.

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