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Before you try Split2000 you'll want to try Shorten.

Then take a look at Split2000, a data compressor for PCM audio with no cost to you.

If you're doing any intensive work with many generations of audio files, you need non destructive data compression and split2000 offers a reasonable solution.

The split2000 algorithm is lossless and non linear. You can't stream split2000 files and you can't make reasonable files for internet downloads, but you can free up an enourmous amount of hard drive space without degrading the data.

Since it is non destructive your results will vary:
  • Voice applications get almost 60% reduction.
  • Instrumental music usually gets 40%.
  • People who email complaints usually get less than 30%.
  • At least for music a 650 meg CD master can usually shrink to 390 megs.

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