RKau lossless compressor

RKau was created by Malcolm Taylor to be a high performance lossless audio compressor, also offering a simple lossy encoding mode. It was developed together with RK (a general purpose data compressor) and RKim (a lossless image compressor).

It is an assymetrical compressor - meaning, it takes more resources to compress a file than to decompress it. Compressors that operate in a similar fashion are Monkey's Audio and FLAC.

Later, Malcolm created MSoftware to sell an improved version of RK and RKau called WinRK; striving to provide the best compression performance among archivers, without regard for speed or memory consumption. It probably was not successful, as it disappeared after few years.

A mirror of the RKau web page is avaliable here.

Date: 2000-12-11
Version: 1.07
Interface: Command line + Winamp plugin
Platform: Win32
Download: - 42kB

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