ACM Station

ACM Station 2.1 Yet another ACM codec frontend, developed by Andreas Leeb. This one probably was also inspired by the then-ubiquitous FhG MP3 ACM codecs.

Unlike nyaochi's ACMENC, ACM Station has a fully featured graphical user interface, centered around encoding projects. You first create a project and add WAV files to that project. Then you select the destination format: MP3 only allows selection of the MP3 ACM codec and creates MP3 files without WAV headers. WAV format allows selection of any ACM codec with encoding capabilities, including MP3 and PCM (uncompressed audio), and it creates files with WAV headers.

It also has an useful feature where compression statistics are stored after each encoding process, so that you can compare which formats take longer to encode.

Date: 1999-06-18
Version: 2.1
Interface: Graphical
Platform: Win32
Download: - 355kB

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