Emagic Zap

Zap demo. So ugly! Zap, "Zero-loss Audio Packer", is a lossless compressor created by famous German music software and hardware company Emagic, makers of the Logic sequencer.

The compressor is a demo version and is only available for the Mac OS platform, but there are freeware decompressors for Windows and Mac OS - actually, adware because they continuously scroll adverts for Emagic products. To use the Windows decompressor (it should really be drag-n-drop), you need to call it from the command line "unzapwin.exe file.zap".

One interesting feature of Zap is that it can create self extracting archives. Alas, that functionality is not available in the demo version (also, the demo will not compress files larger than 500kB).

In July 2002 Emagic was bought by Apple Computer and Zap was discontinued (maybe it lives on in ALAC?). You can still see a mirror of the web page at the Internet Archive.

Date: 1999-06-03
Version: 1.5
Interface: Graphical
Platform: MacOS Classic
Download: zap15dem.sit - 717kB

Date: 1997-03-13
Version: 1.0.1
Interface: Graphical
Platform: Win32
Download: - 157kB

Date: 1997-05-07
Version: 1.1.4
Interface: Graphical
Platform: MacOS Classic
Download: dezap.sit - 146kB

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