XAudio Who distributes audio players with time limit? The XAudio guys, that's who.

This player here will not work if your computer clock is set to after October 1997. It works without issues if you set the date before that.

But trust me, you do not want to install this player. Interface sucks, bad VBR support, and it has that extremely annoying behaviour of stealing the .mp3 extension whenever it is run.

At some point, XAudio was sold to InterTrust technologies. They gave up the player market and decided to focus on licensing their MP3 decoding library to developers. The web page is available here.

Date: 1997-08-04
Version: 0.8a
Interface: Graphical
Platform: Win32
Download: xaudio-0.8a.i586-microsoft-win32.exe - 819kB

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