Arminio Grgic's WavSquiq

I really have no clue what is going on here. The readme claims:
WAVSQUIQ can compress any WAV file into smaller one which can be reproduced WITHOUT use of any decoder/decompresser - just play it like you played original WAV!

Well, I compressed a WAV running "wavsquiq.exe test.wav test1.wav". The file size went from 4879kB to 4878kB (?). Then I tried playing the generated file in Winamp ("just play it like you played original WAV!"), and there was nothing there but noise.

Maybe I am doing something wrong? If you know how to get this program to work as it is supposed to, please e-mail me (address available at the About page).

Date: 1997-11-15
Version: 0.90 beta
Interface: Command line
Platform: DOS
Download: - 9kB
Lots of thanks to Marco Pontello for submitting this codec.

  • Feedback from schnofler (ABC/HR Java developer):

Seems like it only works with 8-bit wavs. Apparently it always outputs files with an 8-bit mono header, regardless of the input. If the input is stereo, you can correct this, for example by loading it as raw PCM data in CoolEdit and specifying the format yourself. But if the input is 16-bit it seems to mess up something else (I didn't manage to get such a file working).

The compression method strikes me as a bit odd, though. With the few files I tried, it never managed to "compress" them by more than a few kb. Looking at the waves in CoolEdit it seems to just cut out small parts of the file, leaving the rest unharmed. This actually makes the compressed files shorter, and thus smaller. Pretty imaginative, eh?

Thinking about it, that might be the reason, why 16-bit files don't work... it probably just cuts out random bytes, so if it cuts a 2-byte sample "in half", this will destroy the data.

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