WaveZip MUSICompress is a lossless audio encoding algorithm developed by Al Wegener. Its focus is in being fast (quoting the author: "an extra 10% compression ratio just isn't worth a 20x wait").

The original web page is mirrored here. You can also check the data sheet.
This is an introductory message by the author.

Date: 2001-08-19
Version: 3.0
Interface: Command line
Platform: Win32
Download: - 39kB

WaveZip is a GUI lossless encoder that uses MUSICompress' libraries for encoding and decoding. It was sold as shareware by GadgetLabs. The shareware version was unable to encode 24bit streams, this feature required registration.

Gadget Labs has gone out of business in 2000, so registration is no longer possible. A mirror of the web site can be seen here though.

Date: 2000-05-31
Version: 2.01
Interface: Graphical
Platform: Win32
wz2setup.exe - 2.763kB

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