VocPack lossless compressor

VocPack is a very old lossless audio compressor. It was developed by Nicola Ferioli in 1993, and its main purpose is compressing 8-bit voice recordings. Version 1 will not work with 16-bit streams, that limitation was addressed in version 2.

Version 2 has other improvements, but pay attention! - it is shareware, and as a limitation it will not allow you to decompress the compressed files. So, it is recommended that you keep the uncompressed files, as the compressed ones will not be decompressable (unless you manage to find the author and pay him the registration fee...)

Date: 1993-09-01
Version: 2.0
Interface: Command line
Platform: DOS
Download: - 79kB

Date: 1993-02-03
Version: 1.0
Interface: Command line
Platform: DOS
Download: - 15kB
Lots of thanks to Marco Pontello for submitting this codec.

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