Iomega RecordIt

RecordIt - player interface RecordIt is a recording app created by Iomega. Its main goal was to enable customers of their Zip drives to rip their CDs and make the tracks fit inside one Zip disk (100MB).

That is achieved encoding the tracks to MP2 files. The compression technology was licensed from QDesign (of QDMC fame) and it is, indeed, a quite decent MP2 encoder (unlike their MP3 encoder, which is just horrible).

I could only get the program to install on Win9x - it will not work at all on WinNT and variants. The interface is quite garish. In case you must know, the stars for quality mean: 4 stars = 256kbps, 3 stars = 192kbps, 2 stars = 112kbps, and 1 star = 24kbps/22kHz.

RecordIt - encoder interface It is worth mentioning the program is not really an encoder, but a recorder - which means, it will not accept .wav files for input. It will only encode from an audio CD, line-in or a microphone.

Date: 1997-12-17
Version: 1.1
Interface: Graphical
Platform: Win32 (Win9x only)
Download: - 2838kB

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