QDesign Music Codec

QDesign MVP The QDesign Music Codec was originally LBpack, by Dmitry Shmunk. QDesign corporation bought the codec and hired the developer to create what would become the official audio compression in Apple's QuickTime v3.

The codec's official name is "RaveSound", according to this press release, but is commonly called QDesign Codec. It is one of the most agressive encoders known - meaning it compresses quite well at very low bitrates, but its aggressiveness introduces too many artifacts at higher bitrates.

The personal version comes with QuickTime Pro and allows encoding at bitrates up to 48kbps. The professional version allows bitrates up to 128kbps.

Hosted here are a Demo professional plugin for QuickTime Pro that works for 15 days, and MVP - QDesign's attempt to enter the audio library manager market - that has unlimited encoding of QDMC up to 128kbps. It can also encode MP3 but the encoder quality is terrible.
I am also hosting here an analysis document created by Benjamin Larsson, describing the first steps in reverse engineering the codec.

Apple has steered away from proprietary codecs like Sorenson Video and QDesign, and focused on standards (MPEG4). The QDesign codec lost relevance, and the company was bought by DTS in 2002.

A mirror of the QDesign website can still be checked at I also saved locally a mirror of the QDesign Music Codec Professional Edition product page.

Date: 2000-07-28
Version: 1.2.51
Interface: Graphical
Platform: Win32
Download: mvppc12.exe - 2.083kB

Date: 1999-05-13
Version: 2.0
Interface: Graphical (QuickTime component)
Platform: Win32
Download: QDMC2_Pro_Demo.exe - 1.327kB

Date: 2004-01-14
Version: 1.2
Interface: PDF document
Platform: -
Download: qdmc2.pdf - 309kB

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