MP3 to EXE (another one)

MP3 to EXE 2 player interface This is another tool to convert MP3 files to standalone players. The other tool is featured here.

This application is almost the complete opposite of the other one featured in this website. Whereas Oliver's program is highly customizable, this one is as minimal as can get. There are no options on the creator app other than output directory, and the player offers nothing but playback position information. There are no buttons, no volume control, nothing in the interface is clickable (other than a link to the program's web page, that is).

MP3 to EXE 2 converter interface On the other hand, the player stub only adds 10kB to the MP3 file size. So it is the best choice if file size is of the utmost importance. Besides, the player seems to work without problems on Windows XP and 10.

The web page for the application can be located at the Internet Archive, here.

Big thanks to Zachary Jelesoff for introducing me to this alternative MP3 to EXE.

Date: 2001-07-21
Version: 1.31
Interface: Graphical
Platform: Win32
Download: - 174kB

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