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MacPlay3 v1.4 MacPlay3 was FhG's port of the WinPlay3 MP3 player for Mac OS Classic. It seems to have the same (few) features of its Windows counterpart.

The alpha 0.99 version works on the M68K platform, but it is only useful for decoding, since the 68k CPU is not powerful enough to playback MP3 in real time. Besides, it is a demo version with no interface (all commands are done through the menu bar, similar to Winamp 0.2) and playback (but not decoding) is limited to 20 seconds.

Version 1.4b2 was the last version released by FhG and only works on PowerPC machines, but it has an actual interface and no limitations.

A mirror of the MacPlay3 website is available at the Internet Archive, here.

At least, version 0.99 had a great installation blurb...

MacPlay3 v0.99 installation Date: 1997-04-08
Version: 1.4b2
Interface: Graphical
Platform: MacOS Classic PPC
Download: mpl3_14b2.hqx - 519kB

Date: 1996-03-28
Version: 0.99 alpha
Interface: Graphical
Platform: MacOS Classic 68K/PPC
Download: MacPlay3_Installer.hqx - 168kB

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