LBPack player LBPack (Low Bitrate Packer and Player) was created around 1997 by Dmitry Shmunk, an engineer working at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics in Russia. He later went on to work at QDesign in Canada, and LBpack became the QDesign Music Codec.

It is optimized for extremely low bitrates (the default bitrate is 22kbps!). And indeed it delivers acceptable quality at these bitrates. But the codec is so aggressive that even at higher bitrates it can not achieve transparency.

It suffers from many of the problems QDesign suffers: distortions when encoding voice, annoying artifacts, etc.

The official page was taken offline after the codec was bought by QDesign, so nowadays the only information about this codec is available at the readme and FAQ inside the download package.

Lots of thanks to Geert from Belgium for providing this codec and enlightening me on its history and its relation to QDesign.

Date: 1997
Version: 1.60
Interface: Command line + graphical player
Platform: DOS/Win32
Download: - 154kB

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