iMPload complete MP3pro

iMPload MP3pro iMPload was a partnership between famous German companies Steinberg, makers of audio editors and workstations; and Mayah, makers of audio encoding, transmission, and broadcasting hardware.

iMPload complete MP3pro is meant to be an all-in-one solution for audio playback and management, with its biggest selling point being support for the MP3pro format.

Interestingly, LAME (version 3.88) is a choice besides the FhG MP3pro encoder for MP3 recording and ripping. It supports Ogg Vorbis, WMA, and WAV in addition to MP3.

The features are vast and varied. It includes playlists/media library, advanced equalizer, trippy visualization plugins, CD ripping, CD writing, recording from line-in and microphone, volume normalization using a technology similar to ReplayGain, CD cover maker, FTP client to play music from a server, DSP effects using VST plugins, and even an MP3 stream editor! (which can cut, paste and change volume of MP3 streams directly, without recompressing them)

All these features came at a price tag of US$ 24,95. Which seemingly was too steep, because it never became popular and the creators gave up marketing it after a few years. Still, you can check a mirror of its webpage at the Internet Archive.

Date: 2002-07-16
Version: 1.0
Interface: Graphical
Platform: Win32
Download: - 23.914kB

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