Nullsoft DOSamp

DOSamp DOSamp was probably the first MP3 player for DOS (l3dec was only a decoder). It was created by Justin Frankel, the same developer that created the hugely popular Winamp player.

There is not much functionality. The program is called from the command line with the file name passed as parameter. At most the user can select downmixing and sampling rate output, and playback can be paused and resumed.

It uses PlayMedia's AMP decoding engine, therefore quality is not on par with accurate decoders (FhG, mpg123, MAD)

Date: 1998-01-10
Version: 0.7/0.8 (the player itself does not seem to be too sure)
Interface: Command line
Platform: DOS
Download: dosamp07.exe - 110kB

Date: 1997-04-08
Version: 0.4
Interface: Command line
Platform: DOS
Download: - 96kB

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