Digideck MP3 player

Digideck During the early days of MP3, Digideck was the player of choice for users with slow computers. It often featured best speeds on decoding benchmarks.

As one would expect, it avoids some calculations to increase decoder performance, so decoding quality is not on par with accurate decoders.

The decoder is very limited. It only supports 44.1kHz stereo MP3 files (and complains that 48kHz files are "low quality").

It does not have a native interface. So, whenever the program is closed, the user is asked if he wants to change the skin the next time the player is loaded. I included two skins with the file offered here.

It is also poor on features. No playlists, no equalizer, no tagging, no WAV file playback...

Development stopped in mid-1998.

Date: 1998-06-24
Version: 0.82a
Interface: Graphical
Platform: Win32
Download: - 305kB

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