AudioLib - Elemedia's PAC

AudioLib AudioLib, as the name implies, is an audio library management app. It was developed by Celestial Technologies.

The audio coding format used by AudioLib is PAC - Perceptual Audio Codec - that was developed by Bell Labs in the late 1980s and marketed by their Elemedia subsidiary. Quality is claimed to be the same as MP3 at 30% smaller bitrates (same claim goes for VQF and AAC).

The program keeps the encoded files inside a database (a security measure to avoid piracy), and can encode tracks from wav. A CD ripping feature is announced for the next version. The interface is so obtuse and unfriendly, it can be considered spiteful.

The program works for 20 days and then expires - unless you can find the required patch to make it "registered"...

At some point CelestialTech became VedaLabs (check AudioVeda) and later disappeared, along with their web site - that can still be seen at the Internet Archive though.

Date: 1998-05-19
Version: 1.0.005
Interface: Graphical
Platform: Win32
Download: audiolib-1_0.exe - 2.710kB

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