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Welcome to the RareWares Debian GNU / Linux Repository! Here you will find some custom compiled software for Debian Unstable (i.e. *NOT* official Debian-maintained software).

Software is hosted here when: (1a) it is unavailable in any Debian branch (stable, testing, unstable, experimental); or (1b) is unavailable in any unofficial apt repository; or (1c) upgrades software available in 1a or 1b AND (2) is appropriate for the focus at RareWares (below)...

The focus of this software archive is on audio (e.g., lossless, lossy and hybrid codecs, editors, processors, manipulation tools, playback, xmms plugins, etc.), but will also attempt to exhaust all aspects of multi-media, such as video (codecs, editors, converters, dvd tools) and cdburning (cue/toc converters, formaters, processors, tools) as well as some random stuff that I (and the rest of the RareWares troup) feel wouldn't be abusing our generous host's server!

These packages are built for the Debian UNSTABLE branch (aka Sid). In addition to Sid, RareWares/Debian package dependencies can be resolved with Christian Marillat's multi-media repository for unstable, and in a few rare cases, a special staging area for EXPERIMENTAL (aka Scud) packages as is needed. Please refer to the APT How-To Info below for apt or dependency information.


Recent News

The skinny on new packages, major updates, server changes, etc. (Old News/Timeline here)

A special note: i tend to update the html about half as much as the repository (Why? I'm a lazy bum! hehe... )

Apt Repository & Server Information:

The following repositories are needed to use RareWares/Debian. The "Experimental Staging" and "Christian Marillat" repositories provide dependencies in some cases. You may exclude these repositories, but some packages will be hindered and/or uninstallable. For more information, please refer to the APT How-To Info.

## RareWares/Debian Multi-Media Repository for Unstable
deb http://www.rarewares.org/debian/packages/unstable/ ./

## RareWares/Debian Multi-Media Repository for Unstable - Experimental Staging
deb http://www.rarewares.org/debian/packages/experimental/ ./

## Christian Marillat's Mult-Media Repository for Unstable
deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org sid main

## Christian Marillat's Mult-Media Repository for Unstable - Experimental Staging
deb http://www.debian-multimedia.org experimental main

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